Picture this, we are in the future. The world is worse off that it has ever been. Because we’ve been able to master space travel, we go out looking for other planets with inhabitants to see if we can learn from them to better our world. Yet, we only find dead, lifeless planets. With this, a new form of science is created to study these planets to find out what destroyed them and if we can use it to stop us from doing the same. This is the basis of Battlesuit. A new video based off of a comic book from TPUB Comics.

The video starts out with a battle scene where a soldier is trying to fight a giant mech warrior. After an explosion, we cut to thousands of years into the future, the present-day of the story, where a space archaeologist is taking off to visit a newly discovered planet. Once landed, the archaeologist steps out and begins looking around with her AI robot to try and find answers to their questions. We learn that she may be having issues back home, but she has a mission and a goal to achieve. As the two search the wreckage, they find a message that could either help Earth, or stop what they’re doing and ruin everything.

The story comes across and carries the viewer through. You start to connect with all the characters and worry as the message is played. You are told what’s going on in the beginning, which helps the average viewer to get caught up, but I think they could do a little more to fill everyone in. The animation was really well done and works for the story being told. In my humble opinion, this is worth watching and investing in the comic to go with this. I give it 4 caps out of 5.

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