Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: Danger in Deep Space #1

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: Danger in Deep Space #1
Blue Water Comics
Written by CW Cooke
Art by Mauricio Hunt

Never let it be said that when times are tough Tom Corbett doesn’t step up. He’s the head of navigation on a training mission with a bunch of other cadets. Suddenly, his ship flies right into an asteroid field and the captain is, well, panicking and loses it. Then the captain decides to bail on the mission and leaves everyone else to get themselves home. Not before sabotaging the ship. So, that leaves Tom and everyone else to fix this problem and a few others along the way. Thankfully, I never had this hard of a time in college.

Reading through this, I enjoyed how smooth the panels led you to the next part of the story. There were no strange forms with this, it worked for this story. Also, the story was well written. Each character was unique and had some personality. My main issue though is the fact that there were no real accents that could help distinguish them more. Lastly, we have the art which, to me, didn’t fit the story. It looked a little more basic and not detailed. The story had funny moments but the art was more for something tongue-in-cheek. If they were trying to have a more serious story, the art could have been more detailed.

As I said, I did like the story. It’s a situation where someone who’s not supposed to be able to step up, does. I think here, the way it was written, the characters will be able to grow, given the writing holds up. But if they want to keep an audience, the art needs to choose one side or the other. If it’s going to be more fun, stick with what they have. If it’s going to be more serious or stay at this level, have the art look more serious. In my humble opinion, get this one but if #2 doesn’t pick a direction, leave it. I gave this 2 caps out of 5.