Garfield #9

Garfield #9
Written by Mark Evanier & Scott Nickel
Art by Andy Hirsch & Gary Barker

In this offering of Garfield we have two stories that are told. One is how Odie gets lost fetching a stick. A boy who lives with his father who’s not so keen on dogs, then Odie kind of gets the boy in trouble, can Odie save the day (insert ominous music here)? Next, it’s a story about the “Pet Force” when “The Fearsome Four” are sent to capture them by Vetvix. Can the “Pet Force” fend off their attackers, can they stop Vetvix’ plan to save the day and their planet, well if I tell you then I break my rule about spoilers.

If you’re a fan of the comic in the papers, you’ll appreciate the fact that the art is the same. I’m guessing they artists are devoted to what Jim Davis. It has the same feel, look and style as what Jim puts out. The paneling is basic and very easy to follow. Everyone who’s reading this should not get lost. Now, I’m guessing the writing was not for me because most of the jokes were a little too simple for my tastes. It doesn’t mean that they weren’t funny, but I like the version that’s in the papers that is a little more grown up.

As I just alluded to, this comic is not meant for the diehard fans who have every book put out about our favorite fat, orange cat. This is meant for the young reader to introduce them to reading comics and also to Garfield. But that’s not to say that this wasn’t good. Again, I have to say this is a little below me. So, if you have children and you’re looking to start them on something easy to read that they would find funny, this would be it, in my humble opinion. I would give this 4 caps out of 5.