THE DARK AGE Concludes!

Fan favorite series The Dark Age reaches its long-awaited conclusion this summer.

The surprise smash hit of 2020, THE DARK AGE introduced audiences to the world of Ethen and his children Jonnie and Jonah. A world where all metal on earth suddenly turned to worthless piles of rust and dust. With no technology, no guns, no computers, humanity reverted to a violent feudal system, each pocket of civilization ruled by knights of wood and glass and concrete. The new Dark Age.

Writer Don Handfield (The Rift) teams with superstar artist Pop Mahn to return us to the world of The Dark Age as the Empire of America and The United States of Canada confront the strangers from the sky who were behind the fall of human civilization in the startling conclusion of The Dark Age.

Red 5 will also be releasing The Dark Age #6 in June and The Dark Age #7 in July, 2021, to be followed by a collection of all seven issues later in the year.